March 30, 2023

President of Moldova speaking in parliament, accused the Moldovan opposition of having close ties with Russia, TV8 reports.

Sandu blamed the party "Shore" in close ties with Russia

Photo: Newspaper.RuNewspaper.Ru

Sandu stated that the goal of the opposition Shor Party is to organize destabilization in the country and overthrow the democratically elected government through violence.

According to her, Shor, on instructions from Moscow, wants to plunge Moldova into a state of civil war.

“We had a hard time dealing with gangs of criminals, and now some of them are trying to sell the country to the Kremlin. And the goal of the thieves and the Kremlin is the same – to make Moldova weak so that you can use it as you like, ”said Sandu.

She appealed to the government demanding firm action to stop any attempt to destabilize the country. She also demanded from all state institutions a resolute fight against Russian propaganda.

Earlier it was reported that the Shor party held a number of mass rallies and demonstrations throughout the country, which condemned the policies of the Moldovan authorities. On March 16, at a protest rally in Chisinau, organized by Shor, demonstrators clashed with the police.

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