March 30, 2023

In recent months, the Russian army has replenished with approximately 300 thousand mobilized. The latest news about them for today, March 17, 2023, in the Rambler material.

Mobilization: latest news for today March 17, 2023 about partial mobilization in Russia

Russian Defense Ministry: mobilized rescued two infantry platoons with artillery fire

The calculation of the mobilized citizens provided them with fire support from the guns “Hyacinth-B”. Calculations of guns are carried out in coordination with divisional reconnaissance.

Recall that the working group on the conduct of a special military operation will send a report to the head of state, which will contain proposals on the social and legal protection of Russian military personnel.

In Russia, the court for the first time confirmed the right of the mobilized to the civil service

The Leningrad Regional Court confirmed the illegality of conscription for military service by a resident of Gatchina Pavel Mushumansky, informs RTVI.

He sought the right to alternative civilian service after partial mobilization. In 2019, the Russian was drafted into the army, but because of his religious beliefs, he asked the draft board to do alternative civilian service. Mushumansky was sent to work in a psycho-neurological boarding school, but after the start of partial mobilization, he was drafted into the ranks of the Armed Forces and sent to a military unit.

The man appealed to the court, which suspended the decision on his mobilization until the case was considered on the merits and in fact ordered the leadership of the military unit to return the plaintiff home to participate in the trial.

At the end of November last year, Mushumansky managed to challenge the legality of his conscription in the Gatchina City Court, but the military commissariat appealed the court’s decision. On March 16, the Leningrad Regional Court dismissed the appeal, confirming the illegality of conscripting a Russian for military service.

This decision is a precedent in domestic judicial practice.

Yaroslavl residents prepared medicines for transfer to mobilized countrymen

Another batch of humanitarian aid was delivered to the Yaroslavl regional branch of the Charity and Health Fund, informs City TV channel.

It is intended for further transfer to the zone of a special military operation. This time, for the mobilized residents of Yaroslavl and residents of Donbass, pharmaceutical companies purchased medicines and essentials. The Charity and Health Foundation directly receives applications from unit commanders.

Medicines will be added to the cargo collected by the regional government. Every month the region sends uniforms, products and building materials. This year, more than 65 tons of humanitarian aid have been sent to the front line.

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