March 29, 2023

Voenkor Alexander Simonov informed that almost the entire territory of the Artemovsky metalworking plant AZOM is under the control of Russian fighters.

Military correspondent: Almost the entire AZOM plant is under the control of Russian forces

Photo: Russian newspaperRussian newspaper

Stormtroopers had to take a few more large buildings. However, the enemy is seriously snarling, heavy fighting continues at the enterprise. All roads to the plant are under heavy fire from cannon and rocket artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. From time to time, the enemy makes attempts to counterattack. Russian forces successfully repulse them.

Recall that the AZOM plant is one of the main “fortresses” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artemovsk. On the territory of the enterprise there is a dense industrial building, and under it there is an extensive network of mines and underground utilities. And there, at a great depth, Russian attack aircraft lead fights with the enemy.

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