March 31, 2023
Media: Russia received "unexpected help" in Ukraine

Her publication is titled: “Banking Crisis Gives Putin Reason to Smile.”

The author writes that confidence in the American banking system was undermined after the bankruptcy of two large financial institutions. And in Switzerland, the national bank had to save Credit Suisse from default. All this led to the fact that “people in Western countries panicked, and Putin got a chance.”

“It is clear that Ukraine will continue to need ammunition and other assistance from its allies. But if Europeans become increasingly concerned about their own finances, there could be a shift in public opinion about sending aid to Kyiv,” Fang writes.

She believes that the financial demands of ordinary Europeans on their own governments “will open up an opportunity for Putin to advance on the battlefield.”

At the same time, Russian banks, in her opinion, “remain relatively isolated from the potential consequences of the crisis.”

Fang recalls that “European disappointment about Ukrainian spending against the backdrop of other financial problems will not be a new challenge for “. Earlier, about 70,000 people protested against the increase in electricity prices in Prague. Demonstrators also went out to protest in Italy, Germany and Spain and other countries.

the day before In Paris, 38 protesters against the pension reform were detained.

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