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March 19

Day of the sailor-submariner

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international customer day

Orthodox calendar

Memorial Day of the Martyrs Constantine, Astius, Theophilus and others (died 845).

Day of St. Job of Anzersky (died 1720).

folk traditions

If it is frosty that day, then there will be forty more morning frosts. Flies, lemon butterflies begin to come to life.

Birthdays: Arkady, Astiy, Erofey, Konstantin and Fedor.


On March 19, 1697, the “Great Embassy” of Peter I to Western Europe began. This embassy was the first visit of the Russian Tsar to Europe.

According to the order of the king, the embassy was sent to Austria, Brandenburg, Holland, England, Venice and to the Pope. He had to perform several important tasks: enlist the support of European countries in the fight against the Ottoman Empire and the Crimean Khanate; thanks to the support of European rulers, get the northern coast of the Black Sea; raise the prestige of Russia in Europe with messages about the victory in the Azov campaigns; invite foreign specialists to the Russian service, as well as order and purchase military materials and weapons.

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March 19, 1831 took place first bank robbery in the US. English immigrant Edward Smith stole $245,000 from City Bank of New York (having no connection to the now famous Bank of New York). The offender was quickly caught, he received five years in Sing Sing prison and returned almost everything he stole.

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March 19 – a significant day for the temple “Sagrada Familia” in Barcelona. first stone The Sagrada Familia was founded March 19, 1882on the day when the Catholics of Spain honor Saint José.

The very first chapel was completed three years after the start of construction, to the day – March 19, 1885.

March 19, 1965 was fundraising announcednecessary for the canonization of the great architect Gaudí.

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March 19, 1898 in the Mikhailovsky Palace took place grand opening for visitors of the Russian Museum Emperor Alexander III.

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March 19, 1906 by order of the Maritime Department of Russia submarines were singled out as an independent class of warships. Since 1996, by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Felix Gromov, this day has been celebrated as the “Day of the Submariner”.

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March 19, 1911 in Europe celebrated International Women’s Day for the first time.

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March 19, 1999 explosion at the central market of Vladikavkaz. As a result of the incident, 64 people died and more than a hundred were injured. The traces of the terrorists led to Chechnya, to the Urus-Martan terrorist training center, which was headed by Khattab.

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March 19, 1613 was born Bertrand d’Ogerongovernor of the island of Tortuga, where he represented the West India Company.

At the age of 15, the offspring of a noble French family set off in search of adventure at sea. He was a filibuster, merchant and planter, was captured by the Spaniards, miraculously survived before taking up an administrative post. Tortuga, like all the islands in the area, was a haven for filibusters. The governor did a lot for the benefit of the colony, bringing it to a civilized state: he demanded that every merchant have housing on the island, obliged the colonists to have cattle and poultry. But his most important merit is the delivery of life partners for filibusters from France, which raised the morale of the former robbers to an unprecedented level.

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March 19, 1913 was born Alexander Pokryshkinan ace pilot who shot down 59 enemy aircraft in the Great Patriotic War, the first three times Hero of the Soviet Union, an air marshal.

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March 19, 1950 was born Nadezhda Babkina (Zasedateleva), People’s Artist of Russia, artistic director of the ensemble “Russian Song”.

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March 19, 1955 was born Bruce WillisAmerican film actor.

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Sorrowful dates

March 19, 1702 died William III of Orange, the legendary ruler of the Netherlands, and since 1689 – the king of England. It was under him that the “Bill of Rights” was adopted and England became a constitutional monarchy.

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March 19, 1955 died Leonid Govorov, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Soviet Union. During the war he commanded the troops of the Leningrad and 2nd Baltic fronts. After the war, he was Commander-in-Chief of the Air Defense Forces and Deputy Minister of Defense. Among his awards are 5 orders of Lenin, the Order of Victory.

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March 19, 2008 died Arthur Charles ClarkEnglish science fiction writer, inventor and futurist.

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