March 27, 2023

French leader Emmanuel Macron’s popularity rating has fallen to 28% due to pension reform. writes Le Journal du Dimanche, citing IFOP survey data.

Macron's popularity rating has dropped to a minimum

It is noted that the rating has reached its lowest level since the beginning of 2019. During the “yellow vest” demonstrations, it dropped to 23%.

Recall that the draft pension reform, which involves raising the retirement age, caused violent protests in French society.

In two months, 8 major strikes and a large number of demonstrations took place in the country. Millions of French people took part in the protests.

Part of the protest action was accompanied by riots, pogroms, which led to clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement officers.

In particular, clashes between the police and protesters were observed on January 19 and 31, March 11.

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