March 31, 2023

Commissioner for Children’s Rights in Maria Lvova-Belova commented on the extradition by the International Criminal Court for her “arrest”. She called it “an assessment of her work” and noted that she would continue her activities, transmit “News”.

Lvova-Belova spoke about the issuance of the ICC order for her

Photo: Press service of the Federation Council of the Russian FederationPress service of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation

“It’s great that the international community has appreciated the work to help the children of our country,” said Lvova-Belova.

In her opinion, this assessment by the ICC was that Russia “does not leave children in the war zones, takes them out, creates good conditions for them and surrounds them with loving and caring people.”

Lvova Belova noted that against her “there were sanctions from all countries, including Japan. Now they have issued an arrest warrant and she wonders what “will happen next.”

“And we continue to work,” she concluded.

Earlier, the ICC issued a warrant for the arrest of the President of Russia and Lvova-Belova. The decision refers to their “involvement in war crimes, consisting in the illegal deportation and movement of children from the occupied territories of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.”

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