March 30, 2023

Actor moved to after the older sister, people’s artist Chulpan Khamatova. He managed to appear on the stage of the Riga Russian Theater, but he has not yet been accepted into the troupe.

Khamatova's younger brother was taken to the Riga theater

Photo: Word and DeedWord and Deed

Khamatova settled in Latvia, where she tried to resume her career at the New Riga Theatre, but failed due to the cancellation of a performance with her participation. In the footsteps of the actress went her younger brother. Khamatov played in the production of another theater, but so far “on the bird’s rights.”

The younger brother of the actress went to rehearsals for free as a listener, studied the script and got acquainted with the theater. As a result, he was approved for the role, but only to replace the sick artist. Khamatov has not yet been accepted into the theater troupe, so he does not receive a salary, writes the Nemalakhov SLIVKI Telegram channel.

In an interview with the Latvian media, the actress who escaped from Russia called her brother “a former artist of the Moscow Sovremennik”. However, there has been no news of his dismissal from the capital’s theater yet.

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