March 31, 2023

Former head of British government intends to release some “sensational” evidence that justifies him in the situation with parties during the epidemic of COVID-19, reports Telegraph with reference to interlocutors.

Johnson prepares

According to them, the evidence will include messages from advisers to the former politician, in which he was informed that no anti-viral rules were violated during the parties.

According to the publication, there is documentary evidence that will show that Johnson was advised to say what he ended up saying.

In June 2022, the cross-party Parliamentary Privileges Committee in the House of Commons reported that it was looking for witnesses and evidence to help find out if the former prime minister had misled Parliament over the scandal over his partying in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. In March of this year, the committee released a report detailing four cases in which the ex-head of the British government could mislead parliament about what happened.

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