March 29, 2023

, an American comedian, was remembered by the audience after she played the role of Stifler’s mother in the TV series American Pie. It was thanks to her that the slang word “milfa” came into use in the 90s, denoting an attractive and sexy lady of mature age.

What does Stifler's mom look like now?

How tells “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, many representatives of the film industry suffer greatly due to the fact that after a successful role they begin to be associated with a certain image. However, Jennifer made a bet on the “milf” and did not lose. She remained true to her image of an ironic blonde with appetizing forms, which young guys go crazy for.

Coolidge is an actress in demand and beloved by the public. She has appeared in many movies and TV series, and in 2021 and 2022, she played the role of Tanya McWaid in two seasons of the HBO series White Lotus, for which she was awarded the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress.[6]Golden Globe Awards, and a number of others

The actress has changed her seventh decade, but still looks young and attractive. However, Jennifer carefully hides her personal life from the public and the paparazzi. She leads social networks, but talks with fans only about charitable activities, in particular, about the protection of animals.

The actress has two dogs, in which she loves the soul. lives Jennifer in her own home in Hollywood, as well as in New Orleans, where she has real estate.

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