March 30, 2023

Western sanctions against had little effect on the ordinary life of Russians, informed Wedge Infinity is Rinsuke Hattori, professor at the Center for Slavic-Eurasian Studies at the University of Hokkaido.

Japan was surprised by the behavior of Russians under sanctions

According to him, this was due to the ability of citizens find a way out of difficult situations. He referred to the speech of Asuka Tokuyama, a journalist working in Russia, at the Japan Association for Trade with the Russian Federation and the CIS. She also drew attention to the fact that the Russians “brilliantly know how to find a way out” of various circumstances. Hattori pointed out that Tokuyama knows and understands the life of Russian society better than others.

At the same time, the professor acknowledged that restrictive measures from the country of the West made it difficult for Russian citizens to receive the services they used before, but they still remain “geniuses of workarounds” and actively find their own solutions in difficult situations. Hattori noted that the sanctions have not led to a significant decrease in the standard of living in Russia, as the authorities carefully monitor that people’s lives are not affected by the sanctions.

The expert recalled that there have recently been complaints that eggs are becoming more expensive in Japan, so citizens are shocked that in the context of the conflict over Ukraine, egg prices in Russia have fallen in price. At the same time, many in Japan believe that “Russia, which is under international sanctions, must suffer from shortages and high prices.”

Hattori also stressed that Russia’s seemingly high level of food self-sufficiency is actually built on shaky foundations.

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