March 23, 2023

And agree on the need to continue imposing sanctions on because of the situation around . This was announced on Saturday at a press conference in Tokyo by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida following extended government consultations with the German delegation.

Japan and Germany agree to tighten sanctions against Russia

“We reaffirmed the importance of further adoption by Japan, Germany and like-minded countries of strong sanctions against Russia, as well as assistance to Ukraine. In addition, we share the opinion on the inadmissibility of threats and the possibility of the Russian Federation using nuclear weapons,” he said.

At the same time, Kishida noted that in order to achieve a world without nuclear weapons, it is necessary to participate in the discussion of all states possessing them, including Russia and China.

Earlier, the Russian side has repeatedly stressed that it does not intend to use nuclear weapons in the current situation in connection with the situation in Ukraine, since from a military point of view this makes no sense.

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