March 29, 2023

Singer was disappointed that she could not record a joint work with a colleague in the workshop . The ex-soloist of the Serebro group openly shared her emotions.

Seryabkina was disappointed with Temnikova's refusal to sing a duet

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She admitted that she had prepared a song for joint performance. Seryabkina, through her managers, invited Temnikova to perform her creation as a duet, but this did not happen.

– They refused. It was a rejection. I didn’t do this track with another artist because it’s a very cool track. Well, there are things that don’t work out. I did not transform it, so that it just came out. It went to the table, – said Seryabkina, whose words are quoted starhit.

In December last year, Seryabkina showed fans figure after childbirth. On her blog, she posted a photo that caused everyone’s admiration. In the picture, the celebrity poses in a bright green mini dress with thin spaghetti straps.

The first child of the singer came into being November 20, 2021. The boy was named Luke. In the comments to the publication about the birth of her son, the artist was congratulated Keti Topuria, and other local celebrities.

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