March 31, 2023

MP for the ruling Justice and Development Party Turkey Ibrahim Aydin commented on the actions of the military personnel of the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU) who mocked the Koran. His words are quoted RIA News.

In Turkey, they commented on the mockery of the Koran by the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“I regard this as a provocation and an attack on our religion. <...> Those who took this step are pursuing their own goals,” Aydin said.

Former chapter Chechnya Razman Kadyrov published video showing Ukrainian soldiers mocking and burning the Koran. Commenting on the video, the politician said that these people showed their “true fascist-satanic insides.” He also expressed doubt that the fighters would have had the courage to do this if there were Chechens or Muslims nearby.

In addition, he condemned the Muslims fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and added that they would be damned, as well as those who encroached on the Koran. He also announced an award of 10 million rubles for the capture of a fighter who burned the Koran.

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