March 31, 2023

Pursuit to world domination irritates many states wishing to live in a multipolar world. That is why most non-Western states sympathize or takes a pro-Russian position, writes Bloomberg agency.

In the United States spoke about a serious miscalculation of the West

Singaporean diplomat Kishore Mahbubani, former chairman , argues that most people on the planet want to live in a multipolar world, not one dominated by the US or China. That is why, according to him, many countries do not apply sanctions against Moscow.

“The defeat of Russia would not be in the interests of the Global South. Many countries in the South still cherish the memory of the once dominant West. They know that the West will become arrogant and intolerant again if it defeats Russia,” Mahbubani says.

The publication also writes that Mexicans, Indians, South Africans and other nations are well aware of who the Americans are:

“They are branded as aggressive, domineering, cruel and ruthless in pursuit of their own interests. The Vietnam War is never forgotten.”

A YouGov poll shows that so far 65% of respondents in see Russia as an adversary, 51% of Indians, for example, see it as an ally (29% consider it a “necessary partner” and only 5% as an adversary).

India increased imports from Russia by 400% last year. Indians still chafe at the memory of how US sanctions against Iraq and Iran drove up energy prices in the subcontinent.

Therefore, Bloomberg concludes, it should come as no surprise that the former Indian ambassador to Russia said in a recent interview:

“We have not accepted the Western frame of the Ukrainian conflict.”

Previously A columnist for the American edition of The American Conservative said that the United States is losing world dominance due to the Ukrainian conflict.

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