March 23, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin is gaining popularity among Americans who see him as a strong politician who cares about the country and people, writes magazine The American Thinker (AT).

In the United States announced the growth of Putin's popularity among Americans

According to the author, this can be considered a complete failure of the administration of the American leader. Joe Biden. The journalist clarified that earlier popularity Putin among residents USA was associated with his healthy lifestyle – on social networks they shared photos where the politician, for example, was captured while playing sports or riding a horse without a shirt.

The publication clarified that now the Americans are publishing completely different pictures and Putin’s rating in the United States is growing. “However, the real reason for the metamorphosis was the distrust that arose between the president Biden and his administration on the one hand, and the American people on the other,” the magazine said. The journalist noted that many disappointed citizens want to see such a leader as Putin in the place of the head of state.

The author is sure that Americans are jealous Russia. “They become jealous of the country, which is their sworn enemy, because its leader seems to them exceptional and devoted to the interests of his people. This serves as evidence of the high historical assessment of Putin’s actions, as well as proof of the utter failure of the Biden administration, ”he stressed.

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