March 21, 2023
In Moscow, a man was arrested for denouncing a subway passenger about content on his phone

The man was found guilty of distributing extremist materials. One of the metro passengers saw the pictures on Samoilov’s phone, which he considered defamatory, after which he reported this to the police.

After several stations, the police detained the man, the court arrested him for two weeks.

Earlier, the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow fined journalist and organizer of volunteer assistance to refugees from Donbass Yulia Starostina 50,000 rubles in the case of discrediting the Russian army.

According to the court file, the protocol against Starostina was registered in court at the end of January. As the journalist herself clarified in a conversation with RBC, she learned about the initiation of a case from the information on the website .

It is specified that the reason for initiating the case was Starostina’s words in the report of the Dozhd TV channel (the organization is included by the Ministry of Justice in the list of foreign agents), in which she spoke about providing support to Ukrainian refugees in Russia.

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