March 31, 2023

IN North Korea announced the massive desire of the country’s inhabitants to join the army or return to service to fight against USA. In just one day, applications were submitted by about 800 thousand people, informs local newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

In the DPRK, they announced the massive desire of residents to join the army to fight the United States

According to the publication, the number of volunteers who want to “eradicate the American imperialists and their traitorous puppets” and unite the Korean Peninsula continues to grow in all regions of the country.

“The intrigues of the American imperialists and their traitorous puppets to provoke a nuclear war have reached such limits that they can no longer be ignored: they grossly encroach on the sovereignty of our homeland and its security interests, these machinations are unprecedented in their aggression and scale,” — writes the newspaper.

In North Korea, all men are required to serve in the military for at least 10 years, and women for at least three years.

Formerly in North Korea held testing of intercontinental ballistic missile “Hwaseong-17”. Such actions were a response to the exercises that the United States and South Korea are conducting on the peninsula.

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