March 23, 2023

, 18th of March. /TASS/. About 800 thousand young residents expressed a desire to enlist or return to military service in just 24 hours as a manifestation of the patriotic determination “to eradicate the American imperialists and their traitorous puppets” and to unite the peninsula. The newspaper reported on Saturday Rodong Sinmun.

In the DPRK, they announced the massive desire of residents to join the army to fight the United States

“According to the aggregate data, on March 17, in just a day across the country, up to 800 thousand members of youth unions persistently asked for enrollment or return to the ranks [Корейской] people’s army, “the newspaper writes. Journalists noted that the number of such volunteers continues to grow in all regions of the DPRK. There is a conscription system in the republic, and all men are required to serve in the army for at least 10 years, women – at least three years.

“The intrigues of the American imperialists and their traitorous puppets to provoke a nuclear war have reached such limits that they can no longer be ignored: they grossly encroach on the sovereignty of our homeland and its security interests, these machinations are unprecedented in their aggression and scale,” the newspaper points out. On March 13, the Republic of Korea and the United States began large-scale exercises.

As the newspaper writes, the youth vanguard, supported by the “inflexible will” of the party to “settle scores” with the United States, rose to “a war to defend the homeland and to defeat the enemy.” Their zeal to join the army is evidence of their determination to achieve the unification of the Korean peninsula and “extirpate the war fanatics who are trying with their last strength to destroy” the DPRK, as well as their patriotism, Rodong Sinmun reports.

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