March 21, 2023

Russian drone “Lancet” became the killer of advanced American missile systems HIMARS on . Such an opinion in his article expressed ┼átepan Gobza, columnist for the Czech newspaper Lidovsky.

In the Czech Republic called the Russian drone

He noted that the “Lancet” attracted attention in connection with the latest events in Ukraine. Previously, the drone “remained in the shadows.” The popularity of the drone was brought by its ability to destroy American HIMARS missile systems and British Stormer infantry fighting vehicles, Gobza said.

He compared the Lancet to the US-produced Switchblade loitering ammunition. Such fame for the Russian drone, according to Gobz, was brought by the accuracy of strikes and the ability to autonomously and independently make decisions on the battlefield, including when evading enemy guns and searching for targets.

The observer also drew attention to the fact that the Lancet can carry a larger explosive charge than any other loitering ammunition and even destroy armored personnel carriers and light tanks.

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