March 21, 2023
In Russia, tests of the anti-drone


“All tests have been completed. The complex is ready for deliveries on orders, now the delivery time is being agreed. (…) There are already orders for the new complex,” he said.

It is noted that the range of “Serp-VS5” is five kilometers. The complex can detect intruder drones 360 degrees along the horizontal axis. He also received the function of dividing the viewing angle into sectors with independent modes of operation, which allows the use of other drones during the operation of the Serp-VS5 complex.

The equipment can operate in five frequency bands from 900 megahertz to 5.8 GHz, which makes it possible to use Serp-VS5 against civil and special drones. The complex can break communication with the operator, disable navigation equipment and disorient the drone, disrupting the flight mission. Serp-VS5 suppresses GPS, GLONASS, Beidou signals (in the L1, L2, L5 bands), and also disrupts the operation of drone control channels via Wi-Fi. Ethernet is used to communicate with the control center of the complex.

In February at reportedthat the Serp-VS electronic warfare systems were successfully tested at one of the enterprises of the country’s fuel and energy complex. The systems ruled out the appearance of intruder drones.

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