March 23, 2023
In NATO exercises in Norway, they saw a signal to Putin

“Military maneuvers this year are of particular importance: exercises send a clear message to the president of Russia ”, — say the authors of the material.

They indicated that the military personnel involved in the exercise were practicing a scenario that is similar to the events that unfolded in Crimea in 2014. At the same time, the capabilities of the hypothetical enemy, as well as the size of his army, practically corresponded to the potential of the forces Russia in this region.

Joint Viking is an exercise that takes place in northern Norway twice a year. This year, as noted by Focus, they took place from 9 to 18 March. It is alleged that 20,000 military personnel from Norway, as well as military personnel from eight other countries, participated in Joint Viking. Among them – France, Germany, Canada And USA.

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