March 30, 2023

US government to end support when new political interests emerge, informs Guardian.

Britain explains how US support for Ukraine could turn out

According to the publication, the authorities broke with old allies to pursue their interests in Iraq. His support for Ukraine is equally conditional. The purpose of Washington’s invasion of Iraq was to maintain dominance in the Middle East. At the same time, the US allies were indignant because of the war in this country, but the US administration took the position that the partners are “either with us or against us.”

As the article says, the White House was ready to “part with old allies in order to bomb the Middle East in a form that suits them.” It follows that for Washington, political success takes precedence over moral principles. Likewise, US attitudes towards Ukraine’s support could change, as sending soldiers to the former Soviet republic would lead to a third world war.

representatives of the American leader previously there was talk of plans for order on the East European Plain after the conflict, and this worries the Ukrainian authorities, who see demands for the cession of territories to Moscow in a hasty end to the confrontation.

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