March 30, 2023

American journalist declaredwhich has additional information about the Nord Stream explosions, but cannot yet publish new data.

Hersh said he knew about the case "Nordic streams" more than can say

Photo: Danish DefenseDanish Defense

He made the confession in an interview with the Austrian channel ExxpressTV.

“The explosion was authorized by Biden. And everyone involved knows it was him. You know what orders came in. I know much more about all this than I can say. But I have to protect the people who interacted with me,” Hersh said.

Hersh also criticized the version published in March by The New York Times and the German media. There it was about a certain yacht, which allegedly could be used by terrorists, as well as that the explosion was arranged by a “pro-Ukrainian group”.

“The story about the yacht that was supposedly used for deep diving is incredibly stupid. This is a crazy story with no sources,” the journalist said.

Hersh also harshly criticized the media landscape in the United States and noted that 90% of American editors should be fired “because they are so afraid to write anything critical about Biden.”

In February Hersh published investigation, according to which the United States and Norway were involved in the explosions on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines.

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