March 21, 2023

British scientists from the University of Leeds have established the cause of changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Geophysicists set out to find out the nature of magnetic changes in some regions of our planet. It turned out that the magnetic field can be influenced by heat fluxes. The latter are formed in the lower mantle of the Earth, according to Planet Today.

Named the cause of the anomalies of the Earth's magnetic field

Photo: Word and DeedWord and Deed

Temperatures in the earth’s mantle can sometimes reach especially high levels, which in turn can reduce the effect of cooling the planet’s core – for example, in Africa or the Pacific Ocean. In such places, the heated mantle affects the magnetic field, making it weaker.

Thus, it was possible to find out that the effect is due to the speed with which heat leaves the core of the planet and moves into the mantle.

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