March 21, 2023

Scientists from the National Directorate of Game and Wildlife have found that the elusive striped “cat-fox” from the myths of the Corsican herders is a separate type of cat. reports.

Geneticists have found out who the legendary is "fox cat" from the island of Corsica


Shepherds from French From generation to generation, legends are told about the elusive “cat-fox” that attacks sheep and goats and drinks their milk. Scientists have long believed that simple feral cats became the prototype for the legend.

Finally, in 2008, a “cat-fox” was unexpectedly seen in a local chicken coop, and in 2019, an individual with eyes of different colors was caught and a DNA sample was obtained. The animal was then released. Genetic analysis has shown that this is not an ordinary domestic cat, but a separate species from the cat family.

The Corsican “Cat-Fox” got its name from its size (about 90 centimeters from head to tail) and its characteristic color: a black tip of the tail and dark hind legs. The thick, silky coat is a natural defense against fleas, ticks and lice.

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