March 30, 2023

Official representative stated that will continue to seek answers to questions raised on export gas pipelines. She stressed that “sweeping them under the carpet” will not work. Diplomat’s comment published on the website of the department.

Foreign Ministry responded to Denmark's refusal to allow Russia to investigate Sevpotok

It is noted that earlier the head of the Foreign Ministry Lekke Rasmussen urged all interested parties, including Russia, to wait for the publication of the results of the official investigation.

Zakharova recalled that Copenhagen had been delaying consideration of the issue of granting Nord Stream Corporation a permit to build the pipeline for 2.5 years. In her opinion, Denmark already then acted in the interests of “overseas patrons.”

According to the diplomat, Rasmussen’s statement confirmed that Copenhagen was initially not interested in conducting a comprehensive investigation into the terrorist attacks on the Nord Stream.

The Danish authorities ignore the appeals of the Russian side, do not consider it necessary to provide intelligible answers, do not publish the results of the study, Zakharova stated. The representative of the Foreign Ministry stressed that Copenhagen is pursuing such a policy against the background of the fact that Russia is the injured party in this incident. She added that the Russian Foreign Ministry will continue to seek responses from Danish colleagues to requests.

“Sweep under the carpet” this issue will not succeed,” Zakharova warned.

The diplomat concluded that only an open investigation with the obligatory participation of Russian experts can provide the world community with specific data on terrorist attacks.

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