March 23, 2023

The grain deal has only been extended for 60 days, until May 18. The 120 days claims are fiction. About it stated representative .

Foreign Ministry denied data on the extension of the grain deal for 120 days

In the Telegram channel, she published two documents. This is a statement addressed to the Secretary General from the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation and an appeal to from the Russian embassy.

In both documents, a period of 60 days appears.

“The Russian side does not intend to object to the extension, after March 18, 2023, of the validity of this document for 60 days, until May 18, 2023,” the embassy said in a statement.

Former President of Turkey confirmedthat the deal was extended, but did not specify for how long. Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine declaredthat the grain deal was allegedly extended for 120 days. A number of Turkish and Western media also reported that it was about 120 days.

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