March 21, 2023

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White House urged to stop cooperation between China and Rosatom

Senior Republicans urged White House cut cooperation between And in the nuclear field, according to the Financial Times. The call comes amid news that supplies highly enriched uranium.

In a letter to the National Security Adviser To Jake Sullivan, Republicans have expressed concern that this uranium is being used to produce plutonium, which could help China increase its stockpile of nuclear warheads. The authors of the letter called the cooperation between China and Rosatom “a direct threat to the security” of the United States and “another proof that Russia and China are acting in tandem against the United States.” They urged the White House to apply additional sanctions and export controls to limit the activities of Rosatom.

Sanctions have strengthened the role of the yuan in Russia

Bloomberg toldthat China’s influence on the Russian market has increased: in February, for the first time in history, The yuan has overtaken the dollar as the most traded currency with a market share close to 40 percent of trading volume.

As long as China refuses to make the yuan fully convertible, it will not be able to compete with the dollar or the euro as the world’s currency. However, the Chinese currency is expanding its influence and is now seen as an antidote to US financial sanctions, which many consider Washington’s global weapon, Bloomberg emphasizes.

“The big mistake of Ukraine in Artemovsk”

A growing number of Western military analysts believe that Ukraine made a big mistake by refusing to retreat from Artemivsk earlier. informs NBC news. Now trying to hold the city “may cost more than it’s worth”.

Ukraine says its future may depend on the fierce battles raging around Artyomovsk, but divisions are growing between Kiev and the West over the best approach to the city’s fate. According to experts, Kyiv’s attempts to keep Artemivsk are dictated more by a political desire to avoid a resounding defeat than by military logic. Polish military analyst Konrad Muzyka believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine should have retreated a few weeks ago: the defense of Artemovsk was crucial both from a strategic and symbolic point of view, but the situation has deteriorated to the point that retreat is the best option. According to Muzyka, Kyiv is now suffering such heavy losses that it could negate its hopes for success in the future.

Japan predicts US and EU war for resources over Ukraine

2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the first oil crisis triggered by the war in the Middle East. The current situation in a world suffering from soaring energy prices against the background of the Ukrainian crisis seems to be a repetition of the events of half a century ago, writes Mainichi Shimbun.

Japanese expert Takahiro Suzuki believes that in the future, due to the Ukrainian crisis, Europe, the United States and Japan will have to compete for scarce resources and agricultural products. Managing director of the Institute of Economics and Energy Ken Koyama said that the global fragmentation of the energy market threatens new price hikes. Only support for international cooperation can prevent this, he stressed.

The United States will check all operations with drones in the Black Sea

The United States is evaluating the operations of its drones in the Black Sea region after the incident with the crashed drone. About it informs CNN citing four US officials.

At the same time, they did not stop flights because of the check – after the incident, the military sent the same drone model, the MQ-9 Reaper, to the same area over the Black Sea on a mission. However, the US military is “taking a close look” at the drone routes and assessing how best to resolve the conflict with Russian forces. The US is considering another drone flight over the Black Sea in the coming days, officials said. The US also plans to analyze the overall costs and benefits of these missions, comparing the potential intelligence value of a particular route with the risk of escalating conflict with Russia.

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