March 23, 2023

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U.S. bank Signature vetted before closing

Prosecutor’s office conducted a review of Signature Bank’s work with crypto clients before regulators abruptly closed the bank over the weekend. About this Bloomberg told sources familiar with the matter.

Investigators in And checked whether the New York bank had taken sufficient steps to detect potential money laundering by customers – that is, whether it checked people opening accounts and whether it monitored transactions for signs of crime. The Securities and Exchange Commission also conducted an audit of the bank, two people said.

Disclosed details about the crashed over the Black Sea drone

The US MQ-9 Reaper drone that crashed over the Black Sea began its flight on the morning of March 14 at a base in Romania, it was carrying out a planned reconnaissance mission. About it told The New York Times, citing a senior US military official.

The source of the newspaper noted that Reapers drones can be equipped with Hellfire missiles, but this drone was flying unarmed and was engaged in reconnaissance about 120 kilometers southwest of Crimea when it was intercepted. The US military claims that the drone had to be sunk in international waters after one of two Su-27s grazed its propeller. Russia denies the planes made contact with the drone.

Biden and Xi decided to talk

The agency notes that Biden announced the talks with Xi after the release of details of a major submarine deal with the UK and Australia aimed at countering China. When asked by reporters if he was worried that China would regard the deal as aggression, Biden answered “no.” When the talks will take place, the US President did not specify. In mid-February, Biden said he expected to discuss with Xi the Chinese spy balloon incident that flew into the US.

Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland will have to sell cars

Anyone who receives social assistance in Switzerland must undergo an asset check after a year of residence in the country. The rule also applies to Ukrainian refugees – for example, they will be required to sell jewelry or personal cars if the cost of the car exceeds the allowance (it varies from region to region), informs 20minutes.

For example, refugees living in the canton of Lucerne are required to sell a car if its value is higher than the allowance – four thousand francs (330 thousand rubles) per person or ten thousand francs (about 826 thousand rubles) per family. Depending on how much money the sale of the car brings in, social assistance is then suspended for a certain period of time. 141 Ukrainian refugees with personal cars are registered in Lucerne, 132 of them receive social assistance.

Apple headphones will teach you to monitor the health of the owner

plans to equip its AirPods with additional features that “completely change their capabilities” informs Forbes with a link to the newsletter from Bloomberg. According to Gurman, in the next year or two, AirPods will become a “health support tool” with the ability to receive hearing data.

AirPods already have a Live Listen feature that allows you to hear the other person in a noisy environment or across the room, turning the headphones into a kind of hearing aid.” Gurman said he knows hearing-impaired people whose experience has been radically changed by AirPods. Now, instead of turning up the volume of the TV for the whole house, they use headphones.

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