March 31, 2023
It became known when warming will come to Moscow

According to Vilfand, the expected weather next week will be “consistently warm” but cloudy. At the same time, Monday, according to Vilfand, will be a “transitional” day – at night the temperature will still drop to -7-5°, but during the day the temperature will rise to +7°. However, starting from Tuesday, the temperature at night will remain at zero, and the daytime temperature will steadily stay between +4° and +9°.

However, the forecaster warned that one should not build “inflated expectations” about the onset of spring – light rain is expected in Moscow from Wednesday.

“You can just feel the energy of the sun on yourself. It is usually not recommended to be in the sun during the noon and afternoon hours, but it is possible this coming weekend, because the UV index will be low. And it is useful for both adults and children,” Vilfand said.

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