March 29, 2023

Former Jen Psaki, famous for slips and slips, started her own political talk show on MSNBC. About it informs RIA News.

Ex-Secretary of the White House Psaki made her debut with her show

She invited House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams to her debut broadcast.

Psaki appeared in a white sweater and black trousers. She said that the new program started in “that other week”: the US is waiting for the arrest of ex-President Trump, and he calls on voters to riot.

Psaki for almost a year and a half was White House Press Secretary and stepped down in May 2022. She has been repeatedly criticized and parodied, thanks to reservations and confusion in the discussion of world politics. So, Psaki threatened to send the US fleet to the shores of Belarus, called Stoltenberg Secretary General and became famous for the phrases “I need to clarify in the office” and “I’m losing my mind here.”

In September, Psaki became a commentator for the pro-democracy channel MSNBC.

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