March 23, 2023

Ex-journalist for Vedomosti and RBC Oksana Goncharova since September 2022 has been in pre-trial detention center IK-1 in Novy Grishin on charges of murder Alexei S. – the father of his young children. In addition, as it became known to Vechernyaya Moskva, the brother of the murdered man decided to take away Oksana’s children, depriving her of parental rights. On March 6, the first court hearing on this claim was held. The details of the case were revealed by the lawyer of the woman, Eunice Digmara.

Former journalists who killed the father of their children want to take the children

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The lawyer said that Oksana Goncharova attended the meeting via video link, she was given the opportunity to defend her point of view:

– Today Oksana participated in the meeting via video link. She asked to be denied the deprivation of her parental rights. She also asked questions, including to the plaintiff, to which we did not hear a clear answer.

Contrary to the current norms of the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, Oksana learned about the preliminary hearing on this claim after the fact. Therefore, as the lawyer noted, today’s meeting was postponed in order to give Oksana Goncharova’s defense an opportunity to provide a forensic psychological examination report on the condition of young children:

– We petitioned for the appointment of a forensic psychological examination for children. Since we only got acquainted with the statement of claim last week, we have not yet been able to get a response from forensic medical institutions. Accordingly, we asked that the hearing be adjourned so that the defense would have an opportunity to present additional evidence. And also to submit nominations of experts who will be able to conduct a psychological examination.

The interlocutor of “VM” emphasized that this examination is necessary, since the defense side is sure that the guardian – the brother of Goncharova’s murdered husband – sets the children against their older brother and mother because of selfish and personal motives:

– The plaintiff limited the communication of two young children with Oksana’s eldest adult son Peter. We have doubts about how it affects children. We think that it can negatively influence their opinion.

According to the lawyer, Goncharova has a good chance of winning in this process:

– We have an evidence base that says that Oksana was a good mother. Today we presented this evidence in court. The judge doubted the position of the plaintiff. She asked the brother of Oksana’s murdered husband questions that he could not answer.

The next court hearing is scheduled for April 11.

At the same time, the woman’s lawyer in the criminal case, Alexander Garanin, said that she was left in the pre-trial detention center for another month.

– February 27 was the extension of the guard. Oksana was left in the SIZO for another month. Also, the qualification of the article has not yet been changed – part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Garanin said.

Oksana Goncharova herself told “VM” the details of that fateful day and shared her version of what happened.

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