March 31, 2023

promised and financial assistance to unrecognized Kosovo if they normalize relations. About it informs website of the EU Foreign Service.

The European Union promised Serbia and Kosovo investments for the normalization of relations

“Payments will not occur until the EU determines that all provisions of the normalization agreement have been fully implemented,” the website says.

It is noted that in the case of normalization of relations, a “donor conference” will be organized within 150 days. It will develop packages of investments and financial assistance for the unrecognized Kosovo and Serbia.

The European Union’s plan for normalization was published in February. It contains 11 articles and states that Serbia and the unrecognized Kosovo must “develop normal good neighborly relations with each other on the basis of equality.”

A week ago, the President of Serbia declaredthat will not sign the documents on the independence of Kosovo. He noted that “there will be no surrender”, Kosovo is actually and legally a part of Serbia.

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