March 31, 2023
Erdogan called the condition for Turkey's consent to the admission of Sweden to NATO

He noted that terrorism is a “red line” for Ankara.

“So far we see negative steps against Turkey in the fight against terrorism. We are ready to accept any attitude, no matter where it comes from. The Swedish Prime Minister may be a good person, but we will not be able to say yes to Sweden’s NATO membership if they are not by our side in the fight against terrorism,” Erdogan said.

He pointed out that Ankara “does not have a special relationship” with Stockholm, but it cannot turn a blind eye to complicity in terrorism. According to Erdogan, “” and other terrorist organizations recognized in Turkey are not only located in Sweden, but also stage demonstrations there. He also stressed that Ankara handed over to Stockholm a list of almost 120 terrorists with a request to extradite them, but did not.

Previously Turkey has begun the process of ratifying Finland’s bid to join NATO. Erdogan explained this decision with “sincere and resolute steps taken by Helsinki to fulfill the obligations taken before us to join the alliance.”

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