March 30, 2023

Embassy in explained the words of his ambassador, Jan Emerik Rosciszewski, that if the Kyiv authorities fail to defend their country on the battlefield, the Polish army will have to enter into direct confrontation with .

The Embassy of Poland announced an incorrect interpretation of the words of the ambassador about the conflict with the Russian Federation

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The statement was published on Twitter by the diplomatic mission. The embassy noted that the words of the ambassador concerned “the defense of independence “.

“The Polish Ambassador made it clear that Poland is not at war, but is doing everything possible to help Ukraine defend itself in this conflict,” the embassy said in a statement.

The statement also indicated that some media outlets interpret Rosciszewski’s words “out of context” and that the ambassador “stated the need for Ukraine’s allies to support Ukraine” and also “talked about the threat Russia poses to Europe and European values.”

It is emphasized that in the words of the diplomat “there was no foreshadowing of Poland’s direct participation in the conflict, but only a warning against the consequences that Ukraine’s defeat may have,” namely, “the possibility of attacking or involving Russia in the war” of the Baltic countries and Poland.

Former Prime Minister of Poland declared that the defeat of Russia in the conflict in Ukraine became the “reason for existence” for Poland and all of Europe.

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