March 31, 2023

In Paris, as a result of protests against pension reform, law enforcement officers detained 73 people, informs RIA Novosti with reference to Figaro.

Detentions occurred at a rally in Paris against pension reform

According to the police, this number may increase. Authorities are currently chasing several hundred demonstrators who have dispersed through the streets in the city center after law enforcement dispersed people in the Place de la Concorde. Now they move along the fashionable streets, where, in particular, the residence of the head of state, the Elysee Palace, is located.

The protesters are aggressive. They are overturning the numerous garbage cans that have piled up on the streets due to a public utility strike. What is happening frightens tourists who scatter in panic.

On March 16, rallies were held in all major cities of France. The union announced on March 23 a new general protest against the law on raising the retirement age in the country. The authorities will start raising it for three months a year from September 1. By 2030, he will not be 62, but 64.

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