March 30, 2023

IN intend to create national CDN servers (Content Delivery Network) to speed up the download of content on the Internet for residents of the country. This was stated by the deputy head of the committee for information policy, member reports TASS.

The State Duma found a way to speed up the Internet for Russians

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CDN servers (Content Delivery Network) – a network of servers that services place in the networks of large Internet providers and at traffic exchange points in order to speed up the loading of website and application content.

“In connection with the sanctions, the processes of technical support for the server equipment of Western companies have stopped. Therefore, Russian companies have a favorable situation,” he said.

According to the deputy, the national CDN service “should not be another entity built for budget money.”

“Russian players in this market have enough capacity to compete with . We agreed that the model on the basis of which this interaction will be built will be formed by the Ministry of Digital Development,” Gorelkin added.

In September 2022, American And disconnected their own CDN servers from the Moscow traffic exchange point MSK-IX. Even earlier, in June last year, the Google Global Cache platform, designed to speed up content loading, was disabled in Russia.

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