March 30, 2023

West and should not be underestimated because in there is huge potential. This statement was made by the former Chief of the General Staff of the Army general Jiří Šediva in an interview with Rádio universum host Martina Kocianova, reports RIA News.

Czech general told why it is dangerous to underestimate Russia

He explained that anyone who underestimates their opponent will sooner or later be defeated. The West and Ukraine must remember

Shedivy noted that Moscow may have an additional ace up its sleeve, and the Russian people “hide a huge potential in themselves.” He warned the US and Europe that downplaying Russia’s capabilities could cost them dearly. Shedivy also touched upon the ineffectiveness of the sanctions imposed against Russia and the economic potential of Moscow.

“This is where the Russians have an advantage over the Ukrainians,” stressed the former chief of the General Staff of the Czech army.

The agency recalls that the President of Russia has repeatedly noted that Western sanctions have dealt a blow to the entire global economy. According to him, the West has made it its goal to worsen the lives of millions of people. At the same time, Putin pointed out that the West failed to undermine the financial stability of Moscow, while Europe itself suffered from the restrictions imposed.

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