March 30, 2023

In the village of Staroe Aktashevo introduced quarantine due to cases of anthrax infection among local residents. The relevant decree signed head of the republic .

Chuvashia introduced quarantine due to cases of anthrax infection

“Establish restrictive measures (quarantine) for anthrax in the territory of the epizootic focus, disadvantaged point and threatened zone, specified in paragraph 2 of this Decree, from March 16, 2023 until further notice,” the text says.

According to the text of the decree, the outbreak was recorded on the territory of a personal subsidiary plot along Zaprudnaya Street in the village of Staroe Aktashevo. It is located within a radius of two kilometers from the borders of the epizootic focus. At the same time, a territory within a radius of five kilometers from the borders of an unfavorable point is considered a dangerous zone.

Two people are known to have been infected with anthrax so far. They are in a state of moderate severity. The cause of infection was contact with the butchered carcass of a bull.

For the duration of the quarantine, it is forbidden to visit the closed territory for all unauthorized persons, except for employees of the organization of the State Veterinary Service of Russia, involved in the elimination of the outbreak, and people living there. It is also forbidden to import and export animals, their meat and milk. It is forbidden to harvest and export feed, entry and exit of vehicles.

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