March 29, 2023

Head trip V necessary for the further development of cooperation between the parties, observers Bai Yunyi, Liu Xin and Zhao Juecheng said in the article for Global Times.

China named the purpose of Xi Jinping's trip to Russia

It is noted that next week the head of China will visit Russia on a three-day official visit.

The authors of the article emphasized that in China his trip is “considered as a journey of friendship, cooperation and peace”, it will have to contribute to the further development of cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, and will make a significant contribution to peace processes on the planet.

According to them, the parties will discuss a number of issues on the international and regional agenda.

In particular, the talks will raise questions about building a multipolar world, various crises, expanding cooperation in various areas, including in the field of trade and investment, the green economy, the digital economy and logistics.

According to experts, a number of Western countries seek to “demonize” the ties between Russia and China in the context of the conflict in Ukraine, “to trap the powers.”

External pressure will not affect relations between the two countries, will not lead to their rupture, analysts stressed. This is due to the fact that the parties have found a way to develop relations, characterized by strategic trust, good neighborliness and cooperation.

The experts also said that “it is ridiculous and shameless for the US and its allies to criticize China in the Ukrainian crisis, since the power is neither directly involved nor the initiator of the crisis.” Analysts explained that Beijing is committed to promoting dialogue and peace.

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