March 30, 2023

Anthropic has introduced Claude, a large language model that can generate response text, write code, and function as a smart assistant. And no, it didn’t seem to you, this is an analogue of ChatGPT. But Claude has an important difference, Anthropic trained her with a technique she calls “Constitutional AI”.

Introduced "more manageable" ChatGPT competitor


Now there are two versions of the model: Claude and “Claude Instant”. They are available to a limited “early access” group as well as Anthropic’s commercial partners. They can use Claude either through the chat interface in the Anthropic Developer Console or through the API.

Anthropic claims that Claude is “much less likely to produce harmful results, easier to communicate with, and more manageable” than other AI chatbots while maintaining “a high degree of reliability and predictability.” Like the ChatGPT API, Claude can change the “personality”, the tone of its messages, or behavior depending on the user’s preferences.

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