March 30, 2023

At the Novosibirsk airport The passenger plane made an emergency landing. About it writes “Moscow’s comsomolets”.

Boeing crash landed at Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo

Boeing, flying on the route Yakutsk – Novosibirsk, belongs to the Yakutia airline. The cause of the emergency landing was a misalignment of the flaps. At that moment, there were 145 people on board.

It is specified that the incident occurred on March 17 at about eight in the morning local time. Before landing, the crew reported problems with the flaps. No one was injured in the emergency landing. Emergency services arrived at the airport. The airport itself is operating normally.

Recall that in recent days this is not the first emergency landing of an aircraft in Tolmachevo. On March 15, an Aviastar airliner was urgently landed there. The plane flew on the route Norilsk – Novosibirsk. The reason for the landing was smoke on the right side of the main rack. There were five crew members on board the TU-204.

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