March 29, 2023


19.03.2023 15:02

Actress Irina Bezrukova published new photo on the Web, which scared her fans very much. The fact is that the photograph was taken in a hospital ward, and the artist herself was very old.

Ex-wife Sergei Bezrukov hurried to reassure the fans and explained that the photo shows an age make-up, and the hospital ward is just one of the locations where the Escort Girl series was filmed.

The actress turned to worried subscribers and assured that everything was in order with her health, and the photo was taken as a keepsake.

“Friends, I hasten to reassure you, everything is fine with me, the age makeup is in the photo. And it wasn’t me who got to the hospital, but my heroine from the movie Escort Girl,” said Bezrukova

Author Anastasia Zotkina

Anastasia Stanislavovna Zotkina – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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