March 29, 2023

Minecraft has always looked attractive, but some players fundamentally dislike the primitive, “square” design of the game, which has no realistic lighting or weather effects. This is where fan-made shader packs come into play – they can transform Minecraft beyond recognition. Portal prepared a selection of the best shaders for version 1.19.

Best Shaders for Minecraft 1.19


A relatively recent shader pack, spun off from the popular BSL Shaders. First of all, AstraLex Shaders features extensive settings that allow you to change many aspects of graphics: from specific lighting shades to post-processing effects. For example, a slight shading of the screen borders when the character is crouching. Special mention deserves the night sky, which lights up bright, stylized constellations.

Beyond Belief Shaders is nothing special compared to many other shaders, it just makes the game more enjoyable while striking a good balance between quality and performance. The set is based on SEUS v11, but Beyond Belief also includes additional options, such as desaturation at night and a simple cell-shading effect.

If you’re looking for great lighting then BSL Shaders are the perfect choice. This is one of the most popular shader packs for Minecraft, and for a lot of reasons. Excellent depth of field effect, soft, clear lighting, beautiful reflections in the water, fluffy clouds, a wide range of customizable parameters and reasonable system requirements.

Chocapic13’s Shaders package is probably known even to those Minecraft fans who have never used shaders. It is still considered one of the best packs to this day due to its bright but understated style and low system requirements. Changes in graphics are unlikely to shock owners of powerful PCs, but these shaders make the world of Minecraft inexplicably softer and more relaxing.

Complementary Shaders is based on BSL Shaders in order to provide users with the “smoothest experience possible”. The package features high performance, support for third-party mods and the same wide scope for personalization as BSL. Complementary Shaders can be installed in conjunction with the Complementary Resource Pack, although the game looks great with the default textures.

Continuum Shaders had a reputation for being the most impressive shader pack for Minecraft for a while, thanks to its gorgeous lighting and weather effects. True, the visual splendor of the package caused such serious drops in fps that many people used it exclusively for beautiful screenshots. But since then, technology has stepped forward, and now Continuum Shaders works without problems. Yes, the package is more demanding than some of its counterparts, but it offers enough settings to optimize performance on different computers.

DrDestens is quite a new pack compared to many others on the list, but it may be suitable for those who are looking for lightweight shaders to spice up their worlds a bit. The main drawback of the package and its key advantage is the complete absence of shadows. The absence of the need for real-time shadow rendering frees up a lot of computing resources, which is good for weak and outdated machines.

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