March 31, 2023

Famous Russian blogger Evgeny “BadComedian” Bazhenov dissatisfied work YouTube. The platform moderators sent Evgeny a notification about the blocking in Russia and other countries of the review of the film “Quick” Moscow-Russia “” for using the song My Heart Will Go On by singer Celine Dion in it.

BadComedian complained about unfair YouTube moderation


BadComedian eventually replaced the song in the video with a track from the open library YouTube. But the copyright holder considered that part of the text of the review, authored by Evgeny, is a dialogue from the Titanic tape.

Review of the film “Ambulance “Moscow-Russia”” from BadComedian

Video available on YouTube channel [BadComedian] archive. The rights to the video belong [BadComedian] archive.

The blogger said that the problem with moderation could be related to a bug in the YouTube. But he remembered a strange case with uploading a review of “Yolok” to the video hosting. The video was supposed to be called Yolki 8: Infinity War, but when uploading the video YouTube put restrictions on him. As a result, it turned out that the problem with the video is in its title – in the number 8, as well as in the words “infinity” and “war”. The blogger considered such restrictions more than absurd.

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