March 31, 2023

The Americans were shocked by the footage of the destruction of Russian literature and the demolition of monuments on . Video about wrestling with everything Russian, shown on the air ABC News.

Americans were shocked by footage of the destruction of Russian literature in Kyiv

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First, viewers saw a factory on the outskirts of Kyiv, where the Zelensky regime is actively fighting the dominance of the Russian language and culture. The books of Pushkin, Chekhov and other classics were destroyed.

Then American journalists showed how monuments to Russian commanders and writers are being demolished in Ukraine.

Commenting on the plot, the Americans agreed that the Nazis, led by Hitler, did exactly the same.

“The destruction of a huge amount of literature is barbaric,” one viewer wrote on the channel’s website.

Another American was very surprised by what he saw. He drew attention to a curious fact: in his city “there are many Ukrainian refugees, and on the street they speak Russian among themselves, not Ukrainian.”

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