March 21, 2023

Theater and film actor announced that in order to leave during partial mobilization forged documents. About it writes “Word and Deed”.

Actor Kuznetsov admitted to forging documents to leave Russia

According to the star of “Kept Women” and “Heart of Parma”, he initially left Russia in early March 2022, but then returned several times. However, after the beginning of partial mobilization, he decided to emigrate.

“I forged a document that I was shooting at [режиссера] Sarik Andreasyan in “Manyun” in Armenia. Like, I’m playing some . I prepared a piece of paper with a left seal, ”he said in an interview for a YouTube show by a blogger recognized in Russia as a foreign agent, Yuri Dudya.

The actor noted that they tried to stop him when crossing the border, saying that he had received a summons. However, Kuznetsov lied that he was not fit to serve in the army.

After the start of the military operation in Ukraine, many famous artists and journalists left Russia. In particular, the media actively discussed the departure and Maxim Galkin*, Ivan Urgant, and many others.

Partial mobilization took place in Russia from September 21, 2022. A total of 300 thousand people were planned to be drafted into the army. October 31 of the same year, President announced its completion.

At the same time, after the announcement of partial mobilization, some Russians decided to leave the country. Huge queues formed at the Upper Lars checkpoint on the border with Georgia, as well as on the border with Kazakhstan. Citizens of the Russian Federation were even allowed to cross the border with Georgia on foot in order to speed up the process of passing.

*recognized as a foreign agent

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