March 29, 2023

11 year old student from Moscow region blew up the Eternal Flame memorial and was caught on video. About it informs Telegram channel SHOT.

The incident happened in Mozhaisk near the House of Children’s Creativity on Zhelyabova Street, a boy threw a car fire extinguisher into the memorial. As a result of the noise from the explosion, the watchman ran out into the street and noticed thick smoke above the Eternal Flame in the square. Arriving at the scene, representatives of law enforcement agencies found a torn powder fire extinguisher in the extinct monument.

The police figured out the bully according to the recording from the surveillance cameras, after which they went home to the juvenile offender. The child was interrogated and registered with the juvenile unit.

In February 2023, the Crimean court installed the guilt of a 29-year-old resident of the republic in the desecration of the Eternal Flame. The man was sentenced to 200 hours of hard labor.

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