March 31, 2023

In a local resident attacked two Ukrainian women from because of Russian speech. This is reported by telegram-channel Sputnik Near Abroad.

A resident of Lviv attacked Ukrainian women because of Russian speech

Photo: Official website of the President of UkraineOfficial website of the President of Ukraine

“A man hit my girlfriend with a bag because we speak Russian to each other,” one of the women said in a video posted on telegram channel Sputnik Near abroad. She said that a man in Ukrainian asked one of her compatriots where she came from. The woman said in Russian that she was from the Dnieper.

In response, the interlocutor advised her to learn the “state language” and along the way tried to hit her with a bag. As a result, Ukrainian women decided to call the police.

The country introduced a ban on Russian music and the use of the Russian language in the media, science and education. In March, the President of Ukraine actively engaged renaming Russia to Muscovy. He instructed the Prime Minister of Ukraine to work out this issue .

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